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TAYCC license

Copyright (copyright) 1999-2019 Atvhh Media Platform
Principal entity: O-CAI

Licensed in the City of Los Angeles, California by an O-CAI for all countries. Any country or company in a given country or other entity in that country may use this license if it officially announces the use of this license on its products. The TAYCC license should be marked with a copyright notice along with the year it will be effective for customers or users (usually in the footer of a document, product or website, for example: Copyright © 1999-2019 Company name All rights reserved. TAYCC)


The license protects the rights of the owner of educational materials distributed in electronic form and all types of files against access by entities that violate good economic development, which may expose non-existent and unjustified claims against users, as well as the O-CAI Organization, itself, partners and entities that enjoy.

Limited access to the materials is made available to individual users.
An individual user can finally be removed from using O-CAI services when:

-> Provides incorrect identity data during registration.
-> Uses reverse marketing,
-> O-CAI ordered the user to be blocked in the DBA system
-> The user of the O-CAI or partner organization ordered the blocking of the user in the DBA system
-> O-CAI commissioned „BAN” for a specific region, country, city, state, province, federal state, state, district, territory, area, community, service, company or institution.
-> Public administration is involved in creating unnecessary, complex obstacles that lead to a loss of liquidity for recommended service providers or entities, such as users and website owners.
-> There is suspicion or justification for a specific person in relation to:
[+] performing activities inconsistent with the intention of the O-CAI Organization.
[+] acting to the detriment of the O-CAI Organization.
[+] extortion and fraud against O-CAI and partners.
[+] impersonating the O-CAI and partners.
[+] publishing materials of the O-CAI Organization under its own logo.
-> The person is an employee of public administration, i.e .: police, state office, fire brigade, ambulance service.

Companies, enterprises, organizations, foundations, institutions, investors and websites that have so-called recommendations, that is:
-> Having an entry in the DBA global databases.
-> They are not locked (no restrictions are placed on the identity)

Having a verified identity of the recommendation entitles you to full access to published materials at all educational levels.
The exceptions are state institutions and state-owned companies, which do not have access to materials and the ability to enter information about them into global DBA databases.

Public benefit bodies in the case of proceedings relating to, inter alia, access to databases, archives and legally protected content, including confidential, must apply for permission to the following address:

Before asking an administrator to issue the appropriate permits, government authorities should first refer their actions to the server’s service provider to gain access to the site.
Please be advised that important user materials are not stored on the server and remain on it for a short period of time.
After the end of the set period of time, the administrator performs the cyclical encoding of resources, transfers them to the archive, and then removes them from the server.

Copying of teaching materials and files is prohibited.
It is not allowed to distribute excerpts on the website (unless the website address has a recommendation or is officially part of the 0-CAI Organization).
It is forbidden to pass the materials on to third parties.
It is forbidden to demand money for providing material to interested persons.
It is forbidden to remove the copyright information in the headers and footers of files if they exist.

If anyone breaks the prohibitions listed above, he or she declares that:
-> I don’t respect someone else’s work.
-> You are in breach of copyright.
-> accepts criminal liability in the form of imprisonment up to 3 years or a financial penalty.

You can:
-> Copy files one at a time (not the entire library) for your own use.
-> Put materials on the phone.
-> Place on a website, if you leave a link to the page from which the materials were downloaded in the published resources [and if it exists: do not remove the copyright description].
-> Rename files.
-> Modify parts (fragments) of the didactic text [you must not modify the entire text!].

The TAYCC license entitles the organizer to coordinate the sharing of files with users under special conditions.

This license is intended to restrict access to the material itself, parts of it, or full version as a means of presenting the information in part. Exactly the resource provider publishes an excerpt of the whole stating that the published piece is the whole.

All files, libraries, teaching materials are actually distributed in such a way as to disassemble certain parts of the materials without prejudice to the general sense, that is:
-> User receives an incomplete set of information (80% to 90%).
The missing part of the resource information matches the original and is placed in the O-CAI archive for material identification.
If the user commits an economic offense then the material is compared with the archive hold.
Security is 100% effective because it shows who actually created the materials. Comparing materials also determines the identification:
-> Year of the materials» production.
-> Company name.
-> Footnote for missing parts that combine into a meaningful stream of information.

Descriptions are structured so that the user does not realize that the material they are downloading is protected.
The TAYCC license allows the distribution of well-known software under the GNU and GPL licenses in EC technology (Ethical Code) only to recommended users, companies, services, foundations, organizations, institutions, investors and enterprises.


The warranty on teaching materials and files of all kinds is not granted to individual users!

The warranty under this license can only be used by recommended institutions, foundations, organizations, portals, companies, enterprises, investors, natural persons.

O-CAI reserves the right to amend this TAYCC license.

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