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Ryyvercer Music Specification, Version 1.0

Copyright © 2020 OCAI, TOOREEN Commission, ATVHH MEDIA PLATFORM, Nezeea Music Group / All Rights Protected. Authoring: Jeny K. G. Fortlan, Haneela Tohcon, Amy Lokmart, Kaho Ckeedggov, Loo Koong Pay Shendo, Jessie Jeys, Jimmy Site, Katherine-ds (KDS), Sumithing The use of specifications without permission on your website or in any other form is prohibited!


The musical specification of ryyvercer is a legally protected document according to the copyright obtained at the time of the creation of this project by the author and the authors co-creating the specification.
Without the consent of the author or the units responsible for the development of this specification, it may not be published on its website (except: o-cai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
To publish specifications on their own site, the person or company concerned, the service, the institution must obtain authorization based on which the specification is issued.
To do this, contact the TOOREEN Commission at:

If the Specification is not in the website owner's domain address, then there is a lack of reliable source and fundamental guidelines in the resources presenting certain information in the field of music.
Due to the lack of specifications on the website of the music website, changes introduced in the context of song lyrics, titles, subtitles, musical projects and technical and intellectual solutions by units responsible for the implementation of SMR (Specification Musical Ryyvercer) documentation are not officially recognized.
Thus, published texts are potentially incorrect or require significant corrections contributing to correct patterns obtained from original sources, for example: audio, video, graphics, programs or other websites.
The purpose of the specification is high accuracy in the creation of song lyrics, subtitles and musical projects, and to provide them with relevant information in such a way that recipients gain access to an understandable resource.

Ryyvercer specification

It is a set of rules, rules, guidelines, recommendations, recommendations and established ordinances regarding the interpretation of musical works.
In addition to the above features, the specification enables the creation of technical and mental projects, i.e. those that affect the network infrastructure or directly build them using music solutions.
The specification regulates the formatting of song lyrics, titles, subtitles, translations and the creation of "ryyvercer".

Ryyvercer - is a word derived from the Bench National language and literally means: "Transform".
In the context of specifications, it means: "Musical specification of transformation" or "metamorphosis, changing" existing musical resources into one common correct whole.

In a broader context: Ryyvercer means creating mainly song lyrics and music projects using some kind of image resulting from movement, sleep, waking, melody, music, landscape changes, original words.
It's exactly about combining the images used in such a way as to create a new song or idea in the field of music.

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